Our History

Miracle Connect was first launched as the satellite TV channel Miracle Channel by the Norwegian Mission Ministry “Evidence of Faith” in 1997.

After almost 1500 years the ‘Mission Impossible’ of reaching Muslims in closed countries was suddenly possible through Internet and new satellite technology. With millions of satellite dishes popping up on rooftops and social media in the Middle East and North Africa, millions of Muslims were able to join the global age of information, news and entertainment. The time was ripe for mission ministries to break national walls of protectionism and share the Gospel with the unreached people groups in the Middle East & North Africa through this opportunity.

Miracle Connect’s unique mission

We are focused on the most strategic nations in the world in order to reach Arabic-speaking people groups with the least access to the Christian message and Christian resources. We invest our time and resources strategically to maximize our missional impact.
  • Miracle Connect broadcasts 100% Arabic media that is planned and produced by local Arabic-speaking people. We don't air subtitled or dubbed programs.
  • Miracle Connect is for the majority people of the Middle East and North Africa. It targets non-Christians in a friendly and respectful way and uses language that is easy to understand.
  • Miracle Connect has a clear specific outreach focus to women and families.
  • We have trained and dedicated follow-up teams to respond to and help our viewers. The focus on follow-up is one of the main factors that makes the ministry unique.
  • We have an integrated portfolio that includes internet radio ministry alongside TV, online streaming and social media to engage people wherever they're at.
  • We involve the majority -background believers in scriptwriting, production and follow up to ensure compelling content and culturally-relevant discipleship.
  • We are run by native Arabs to serve Arabic-speaking people, with a further commitment reaching people in their own dialects.
  • As an organization, we are dedicated to seeking God's direction in every decision.