How can I get involved?

We rely on our partners to continue to share the love of Jesus Christ in the Arab world. You can be a part of this life-changing mission by:
  • Praying and interceding for the team and ministry.
  • Giving financially towards specific projects or the general cost of our ministry.
  • Becoming an ambassador for our ministry in your church and community networks.
  • Hosting us at your church or community group to share about our ministry.
  • Providing us with training resources to meet our skills development needs.

Join us today in spreading the gospel and get in touch with us.

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Miracle Connect brings the hope found in Christ to the Arabic speaking people of the world. Our large team of follow-up workers are available at all times to care, answer questions and support and disciple new believers.

Our mission is to reach the Middle East and North African region, particularly in nations where traditional evangelism is dangerous and illegal. Through media and technology, we reach Muslims in their homes with the gospel of Jesus.

We work closely with local believers in different parts of the Arab world. During the past two decades, we have been able to grow a sustainable and strong network of Arab believers who provide the essential follow-up support that makes ministry effective. Our follow up staff connect with an average of 300 individuals every day.

Incredibly, we now we have the joy of supporting and encouraging an Arab national churches built by indigenous believers.