Strategy & Core Activities

Four focus areas


On-the-ground and online discipleship and home church groups though our follow-up offices in different Arab countries


Free to air satellite broadcasts on NileSat – the only uncensored mass-media platform in many countries


Social media and live streaming


Online radio and social media platforms that focus on women and family

Operational strategy

All of Miracle Connect’s TV and internet radio production is done by Arabs living in the Middle East and North Africa.

Miracle Connect also produces programs in other Arabic dialects including Syrian, Jordanian, Lebanese, North African and Yemeni.

Miracle Connect adopts the approach of practical Bible teaching to answer specific life questions of the audience. We share testimonies of transformed people to show real-life application and to connect with our audience.

Miracle Connect’s primary focus is families, but we produce TV and social media programming that are tailor-made for a variety of ages and socio-economic background. Our programs vary from introductory content to discipleship, youth programs, apologetics and songs.

Women in the MENA region

Some women in the MENA region suffer abuse, and other forms of mistreatment. Miracle Connect empowers these women – all women – with helpful information and counselling using innovative and relevant Arabic programs on social media, Internet Radio, Mobile Apps, and Satellite TV. We develop relationship with them, both online and offline, making sure to care for them.

We also then invite them to hear the compelling story of Jesus Christ and the benefits of becoming a new believer. If they choose to do so, we connect them with other local Christ followers for training, and to benefit from the connection within like-minded communities.

Frequently asked questions

What challenges do believers
from the majority groups
face when they become
followers of Christ?

When they become followers of Jesus Christ, they often face complete rejection from family, friends and their community. This may include loss of work, discrimination in courtrooms and the loss of fundamental human rights. They may also face imprisonment, torture and at worst, death. For some, it can also be a challenge to be accepted by the local Christian community.

Our experience is that those who choose to follow Christ become sincere, strong and devoted believers, some even until death. A viewer from Iraq verbalizes these exact fears, yet is not deterred from seeking Christ:

“I am a Muslim man from Iraq. How can a young Muslim man become a Christian in a country that doesn’t have security or freedom of choice, or maybe he might even get killed for this choice? Please lead me to the way.”

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